So what is promotion? You have decided to push your music to radio and want to understand how it all works. CASHBOX has a data base of over 15000 radio stations worldwide. Some are in our own data base and others are through our partners. DRT has been a partner for years and we thought we would provide a snapshot of how they track your song. Remember, just because a song is pushed does not guarantee radio airplay. Like anything else the quality has to be there. CASHBOX only agrees to promote about 1 or 2 out of every 10 artist requests. It is our reputation in the radio community that at least gets you a listen. If we wallpapered radio with every song that was submitted to us for the sake of a dollar we would quickly be ignored by radio. They simply don’t have the time to listen to song after song that comes across their desk and they rely on industry experts to “filter” for them and only submit solid songs. While quality can be a matter of opinion, we pride ourselves on being able to accurately slot songs in genres for maximum response.

DRT uses premier custom radio airplay broadcast monitoring services which tracks radio airplay 24/7 of songs played on over five thousand plus (5000+) radio stations around the globe. These stations (major to independent) are comprised of FM Terrestrial, College, Commercial and Non-Commercial as well as thousands of streaming Internet Radio Stations. The customized technology monitors radio airplay detections of songs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This amazing technology requires no special encoding or fingerprinting. The system’s unique database logs every song that is played on all radio stations that are currently monitored. A timestamp of the date and time a song is played along with which version of the song is being played is recorded by the system. In the past, clients had no clue if other version(s) of their songs were being played as they were undetected and/or never reported by other monitoring companies. DRT has filled this void within the music industry. The DRT system is able to detect all versions of songs aired on radio 24/7/365. The tracking extends not only to small internet radio stations that tend to be overlooked by other monitoring companies by giving them a voice, but captures songs played on major broadcasting networks such as: Clear Channel/iHeart Media, Radio One, Radionomy, Shoutcast, TuneIn, CBS Radio, Viacom-MTV, Citadel, Cumulus, Emmis, Cox Radio, Disney Radio, Entercom, Urban Radio, Welch Communications, Beasley and thousands of independent radio broadcasters worldwide. DRT specializes in monitoring radio airplay by broadcasters of the following various genres such as: CHR/Pop (Top 40), Urban-Hip-Hop/R&B, Country/Americana, Rock/Alternative, Gospel/Christian/Inspirational, Adult Contemporary and some Blues/Jazz/Fusion.

The system tracks and records millions of songs that are played each week and compiles the information for chart creation.  Other broadcasting monitoring companies have only merged the information into one report, making it impossible to determine which version of a song is actually being played. Also, DRT is the only company in the U.S. to monitor BBC Radio which is one of the largest radio network in Europe and other radio stations in continents such as Asia, South America, Africa and Australia. This allows DRT to become more intrinsically valuable to its clients as well as expanding into the most popular European and major markets abroad. 


Make sure you have spoken with a promotion specialist before making your payment selection.

CASHBOX is pleased to offer promotion services at a fraction of what Nashville, LA, or New York firms charge.  If you are serious about your career simply provide your PR material and a MP3 of the song you want promoted. Make sure your music is registered with Sound Exchange and either  BMI or ASCAP. 

Our promotion charges are for the life of the single. Shop around! You will see the value immediately. 

And....about promotion, In the world we all occupy together instant gratification has become the normal course of the day. Email, Social Media, Wireless Communication etc, we tend to want it NOW. In the music world and certainly in the world of music promotion success is not an instant reality. When you are dealing with thousands of radio stations both terrestrial and Internet based the natural course of a songs success has to play itself out.

It does not happen overnight!

At CASHBOX our promotion team monitors trends and opportunities world wide to gain maximum exposure and song play. Of course the song has to be "top shelf" to begin with. We will not simply wallpaper the radio community with hundreds or thousands of songs to simply drive revenue. Our reputation is on the line in the program director space and it is a very unforgiving environment. Once they determine that a promoter is not being selective and just wasting their time they can and most likely will blacklist the submitter and not consider them in the future.

As tempting as it may be we also want our Artists to understand this and know going in that the best way to kill your song and chances of success is to get on a calling the radio station campaign requesting that they play your song. The business is not done that way any more and the radio community relies on one aggregator like CASHBOX to deal with instead of thousands of individual artists. They simply do not have the manpower or time for it. So, be patient, get us your best song (s) to promote and if your material is solid expect success....just not overnight. 


Our three Promotion Packages are simple and affordable.

Be sure to speak with a promotion representative before making your choice so that we can maximize your program for you.

The details and specifics of your program will be emailed to you prior to payment.

Levels depend on several factors to include genre, number of songs to promote and more.

Promotion Package 1: $1650.00

Promotion Package 2: $2550.00

Promotion Package 3: $3550.00

From time to time we may need to deal with special circumstances and pricing to accommodate our international

clients so we also have an open entry spot for other amounts if necessary .

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